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Wix Website Builder Review

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

In your lifetime you've seen a Wix advertisement , its everywhere and people want a honest opinion on should i consider using Wix as my website builder or not, or Wix is not right for you, in this article i am going to give you my honest opinion on Wix.

Wix is a Israeli software company and it helps it customers use drag and drop tools to make website and it also provides web hosting services too. Wix was founded by Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan & Nadav Abrahami in 2016 and its based in Tel Aviv , Israel.

If you don't know Wix has 4.5 million paying subscribers across the world and it has tools which makes a newbie make their website easily and with ow problems and if you have some problem just contact the customer support. And It has affordable plans.

Wix can be very helpful if you're creating a static website or a personal website to show your portfolio/work experience and wix also has feature if you need leads for your business then subscription forms, email marketing, and other amazing business add-ons

And you're thinking are there any themes/templates that will make your work easy yes, there are amazing templates with responsive design with minimal designs and with low page loading speed and with top grade servers.

You can checkout your templates here

And you can also start a eCommerce website and sell unlimited products digital or physical and you can set the payment gateway also and create discount coupons and control your shipping options and wix also has an mobile app even wordpress doesn't have its mobile app and i love this feature too much if you don't have a laptop that you could carry around anywhere then you can make changes using your phone.

Is Wix SEO Friendly?

Some years ago Wix was not that good at SEO but now Wix has worked hard to get feature and SEO featurse like WordPress and Weebly in the last couple of years. Wix makes your website rank your website and its feature are very good and you can make changes to your meta description and other stuff.

How's the Customer Service ?

Wix Customer Care offers 24/7 live support in English regarding the platform if you are finding any issue while building your website or regarding subscription or any other type of issues you find.

In My Opinion You should Consider Wix for Building Your Portfolio Website or your Startup website, I Hope you get new opportunities in your life.

Now do more research before making any decision and I don't earn anything by publishing articles and there are no affiliate link in this article and  there's no ads and if you want to support me financially then you can support me on Patron for just $5 per month and you will also get extra content too and by supporting me you are helping me a lot.

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