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Why MacOS Has Better Security Features

Apple has been one of the best pioneer of user privacy with great experience and protect the devices with their amazing security features.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump


I'm going to assume you're here to argue with your friends that why mac is better than windows 10 and in many parts mac is better than and today we're going to discuss about the Security Features of MacOS which keep you protected and warn you as Apple is very concerned with the privacy of their users then obviously they will also make their MacOS operating system with great security features.

Apple 's stance on user privacy has been the theme in Apple’s marketing because people care about their privacy but they are somewhat true in some ways. Apple has been one of the best pioneer of user privacy with great experience and protect the devices with their amazing security features.

MacOS is one of the best operating system for security stuff, And The better operating systems than MacOS in security are Linux and OpenBSD and don't think that MacOS is the best but it has some exploits and abundance of vulnerabilities and remote exploits in its OS.

Mac Computers designed to run apps more securely, protect your personal information, and keep you safe on the world wide web.

4 Ways MacOS has Better Security Features

  1. Lock Required: If you've ever used MacOS and ever downloaded a application and a application will ask for permission for modifying something then you've to go to system preferences and then Security and Privacy and you've to unlock the lock by clicking on the icon and then you've to add the password that you are the owner of the device. And by that the application make changes.If you are thinking that Mac Computers will protect you from ransomwares but if you allow all the permissions then the ransomware will infect your computer just a simple thing, then the fault is yours not of your operating system.
  1. Less Malwares: Macos covers about 12.5% of the operating system market and that means there will be less attention than windows thats one of the reasons why windows get the most malwares and exploits in the operating system industry and thats why virus and malware developer makes the exploits for windows the most because windows covers the most market.In 2012-2013 only 2% percent of mac computers were infected with viruses and malwares.
  1. Less Control: If you are downloading a file and if its a malware then it will not download there are very low chances that it will install because the dominance of apple is on the mac platform is higher than the user's. By that it just makes you to run that file. And that makes up for that and the same with the ios like you can't download unauthorised apps on your iphone or ipad you can only download the app from the app store only but on macos the security features denies to download the file if the virus is already been reported to the apple.
  1. FireVault: It is way by which you can encrypt your hard drive in which you will get a key which will be used if you want to access your hard drive if you take out the hard drive from your mac then you will require the key to open the hard drive on your different system but its good for a company if your data is confidential because there are high chances that the hard drive of your mac get stolen. Then the thief will need the key to open the hard drive on his mac

Steve Jobs was very concerned with the user's privacy and thats how the company works till now with the concern of user's privacy and that's why apple takes a lot of money for its premium user experience and thats why most of the people prefer apple devices. Thanks for Reading, Read Our Other Articles