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What is Solar Roof ?

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Solar Roof is like shingles roof but they produce Electricity from sun rays and these shingles are called solar shingles or you can say photovoltaic Shingles and they literally looks like and also function roofing shingles or slates and also producing electricity at the same time. And these are also known as BIPV(building-integrated photovoltaics). And you are thinking that it might generate less electricity then solar panels but no they are very good but they might be expensive than the traditional solar panels but there are different prices in other companies.

Solar Shingles are produced by several companies and the famous companies includes Tesla, SolarCity, CertainTeed, Suntegra, Luma Solar Roof, RGS POWERHOUSE 3.0, Exasun, Hanenergy HanTile and Sunflare


Your House will be fully environment friendly in summers and it literally saves the planet and if you are doing this you are stopping global warming and if you don't know the electricity you pay for is generated using coal and nuclear energy and its bad for the environment and by using solar energy you can save 99% of your electricity cost and these solar roof generate electricity by the sunlight and the electricity generated by solar roof is stored in the Solar Batteries to store and use when there's no sunlight. And while solar roof generates electricity it doesn't spread any fumes and there is no health hazards.

Raw Materials used for Producing Solar Panels


Solar panels are made using an element called silicon and silicon is also used for the production of electronics and its the 2nd most common element on this planet and it means there will be very less chances for shortage.

Why Silicon is used for making Solar Panels

Silicon is the second most common element on earth and its one of the best conductor of heat. It has a spectrum like structure and it capture a lot of radiation in one time and a solar panel lasts about 20 years and Silicon is the most reliable compound for making solar panels.

Will my solar panel work in shade ?

No, You have to clear out the trees which are the sources of shade above your house and solar shingles requires a shade free area and you are thinking if its cloudy will the solar generate electricity and yes it will produce electricity in cloudy season but its very less.

By Using solar energy you are a saving this earth and its one of the most effective way to save the environment and Global Warming will be stopped if all people starts to be environment friendly person

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