Webhooks Explained

We are going to explain everything about Webhooks with some explains and provide some resources about webhooks. Webhooks Explained

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By Nerd Clump

Webhooks are one of the main helpers in making things automated on websites. Let's suppose if someone uploads a picture on that website then it will trigger to upload the picture on Twitter. Now it's a webhook. We also use webhooks for our website as most of the websites do to make the work easy and automate the things that webhooks can trigger.

We can also use webhooks to collect user data and convert it into Spreadsheets to keep track of their data. There are a lot of things you can do with webhooks

We use Zapier and it fully supports webhooks and it makes everything easy and free.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are automated functions sent from applications when something gets triggered. Webhooks uses HTTP Request Methods to trigger things to apps. Let's take an example of social media if someone messages you then you can get a notification and that's done with webhooks.

These webhooks are maintained by third-party companies like Zapier, Getvero, and others. Webhooks are not owned by any organization or any individual.

Webhooks are needed to be connected to two different applications like if we connect a website to LinkedIn. When an assigned event happens on that website then the function will be sent on LinkedIn. And it provides real-time information immediately when it's triggered

Who Invented Webhooks?

The Webhook is named after a term used in programming known as the hook. And webhook was invented by Jeff Lindsay in 2017. And the data format is in JSON. ‌‌We don't want to get that deep into the webhooks history but it's a method of augmenting or changing the behavior of an application with custom requests to applications.‌             ‌

Most of you also know about APIs then some of you are wondering that what is the difference between APIs and Webhooks and you will also find a detailed explanation of Webhooks there if you want to check out the article then you can read it here APIs vs. Webhooks: What’s the difference? and it's from Mparticle.


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