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Ways You Can Increase Your Credit Score

Ways you can increase your credit score. Increasing your credit score can get you low interest on your mortgage. Increase your credit score in 6 months

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Increasing credit score has been the most difficult part in the finances and it takes 3-5 years to make your score above 750, my dad has a credit score of 801 and he never missed a payment ever and he has been using his credit card from 2 years only.

A higher credit score gives a good reputation about you to lenders and by this you can get lower interest rate on your mortgage.

Why is Credit Score Required

Credit Score is required in most of the countries and its a way that will help banks know that the person is capable of paying back the loan. And it really helps the bank to have low chance of not getting the money back. Credit Score is calculated by credit score bureaus and there is a lot of bureaus like in usa there are 3 main credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

How Can I Calculate My Credit Score

Calculating credit score is difficult and you will take a lot of time but if you want check the credit score within minutes and for that you can use Experian if you are american then you can use experian and you can just search on google credit score calculator and your country name like "credit score calculator United Kingdom ".

The Main Ways You Can Increase Your Credit Score Fast

  1. Don't Max Out Your Credit Card:Utilize only 40% of your credit card only and pay off the money then you can utilize 40% of your credit, If you max out the credit card it can effect your credit score and the credit bureau thinks that you are taking a lot of money and it means that you are in need of money and they decrease your credit score.
  2. Make your Credit History Old: Making your credit history long and old will make your credit score go high and credit bureau thinks that you have been taking the money and paying in full and it has been a long time and that makes lenders trust you. And keep your all account which have ,like if your borrowing history is old and you have never missed a pay,then your credit score will go 750+.


These are the only ways that i worked on to increase my credit score too, And You will take about 6-8 months, And If you want any advice on your financials just become my patreon, I can Help you regarding yourn finances. Thanks for Reading and I hope you will have your credit score above 750.