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Twitter Blue Subscription Explained

Twitter Blue is the first ever subscription by twitter and we are going to discuss everything about the features that it offers.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Most of you know what's Twitter, And about every person uses this service from a common person to a politician or a president. Twitter(social media) is owned by Facebook. Today we're going to discuss everything about Twitter Blue Subscription in this article.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is a subscription by Twitter that offers a lot of features and it's only available in Australia and Canada as of Jun 14, 2021. It was recently launched by Twitter on 3 June 2021. And it is the first subscription offered by Twitter.


Twitter Blue is a paid subscription that gives the user a lot of features, It's only available in Canada and Australia only. Here are the subscription prices for Canada and Australia.

Country $/Month
Canada CAD 3.49/month
Australia AUD 4.49/month


These features are mentioned here, some of the features are useless for some people but some are good if you want these features then you can just buy the subscription if you live in Canada or Australia.

I will mention those features here also

Undo Tweet: It's for the people who make a typo or tweet something that they shouldn't be tweeting, then they can just Undo the Tweet. (in my opinion, you can just delete it)

Bookmark Folders: It gives you the power to save your favorite tweets and organize them with folders. (we think that it's done with the help of

Reader Mode: Twitter is now working with to make reader mode feature with Twitter, they offer cloud storage for all your highlights, notes & saved pages, Share pages in Reader Mode format, Read-it-later, Full-text search, Favourites, Sync styles & settings, Organization folders, Citation generator, Add Tags. Reader Mode removes unnecessary things and you can read without any distractions.

Customizable App Icons: You can customize your Twitter app icon on the home screen.

Different Themes: This subscription also offers different color themes for the Twitter app.

Some of these features are helpful for some people, Twitter is kinda desperate for money right now. Some of the features are useless for most people. But if you have extra money lying around you save it or just buy the subscription if you live in Canada or Australia. But we don't consider buying twitter's subscription.

Thanks for Reading