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Trust Wallet Review

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Trust Wallet is one of the best Cryptocurrency Wallet and its owned by Binance Cryptocurrency exchange company which was founded by a Changpeng Zhao and Binance was based in China but it moved from China to Malta due to high China regulation on Cryptocurrency.

Trust Wallet was founded on 2017 and the owned by Binance Holdings Limited and it is a Dapp (Decentralized Applications) and it has one of the best advantages and there are also some disadvantages for some specific people.

Should we start with advantages first, Lets Start

No Extra Transactions Fees

Trust Wallet doesn't have any extra transaction fees, Trust doesn't have any extra charges.

Multi-blockchain wallet

Trust Wallet is a multicoin wallet for people who want to hold other types of coins too not so that people can diversify their portfolio only in 1 wallet.

You're Anonymous

On Trust Wallet you don't have to give any type of personal information of yourself not even your email but there's a big problem we will know that in the disadvantages.

Buy with Debit/Credit Card

you can buy cryptos on trust wallet when you are buying crypto trust wallet will automatically find a cryptocurrency provider who will provide you the crypto immediately when you complete the payment with your debit card or your credit card.

Web3 Dapp browser

Trust wallet Dapp Browser have a API to sign in on Decentralized Applications where people can make transaction using cryptos or to buy something and other things. there are very less wallets which have Dapp browser in-built.

User Interface

It has a beautiful user interface and its easy to use app with Portfolio tracker  on the first page on trust wallet and its easy to use for receiving and sending cryptos and easy to make transactions by scanning too.


Recovery Seed

Recovery seed is a very precious code if you lose that 12 characters list then you will never be able to login to your trust wallet app and you will get no help because you can't recover your characters from your email or phone number, thats the worst experience with me.

This was my honest opinion on trust wallet and i don't know more about trust wallet because i don't have anything else do with it and its one of the best wallet in my opinion but if you are not going to lose your 12 characters then its best for you and its not good for trading that much.