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Tile Pro Review

Tile Pro is one of the best tracker and its competitor is Apple AirTag.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Tile Pro is one of the best product in the market and its by an american company Tile and it was founded in 2021 and in the tracking market a lot companies are creating competition like apple got into the tracking market by their product known as AirTag. By the way Tile has been in this market more than that apple did and Apple is kinda a new kid in the tracking society and Tile is way better than the AirTag and the customers don't have to buy a keychain for it if you don't know Apple Airtag doesn't have a hole to use your own keychain.

Tile Pro is priced at a cheap price at $35 and its dimensions are 1.65 x 1.65 x 0.26 inches and its a mini tracker and If you don't want to spend about $35 then you can buy a Tile Mate and its $25, Tile Pro is the one to get the features if you want the very best key tracker. If you could spend $10 more than i recommend buying Tile Pro and its not that much expensive and it has extensive range and its alarm is much better than the Tile Mate.

πŸš€ Battery

Tile Pro uses a replaceable battery called CR2032 and its dirt cheap you can find it in dollar store or Walmart, And the battery will last about 11-12 months and there is no better tracker which has long battery life.

πŸš€ Tile App

For finding your keys or other things then you can just use your iphone or Android phone to find your things and there are features like you can use loud speaker so that you can hear that where is the device if you are near it and the ui is user friendly and you will find very use to use it. And you can add the tile account on your various phones too. you'll be able to locate the things. Yes but you'll need to keep your Bluetooth turned on on your phone. And Tile doesn't run in the background all the time its runs when you open the app.

πŸš€ Tile Premium Subscription

Tile Premium is not mandatory but it offers a lot of things that's why its premium obvious, The Pricing of the premium plan is $2.99 a month and that will get you other types of features and one of the most famous feature is that when you forget something then it will notify when you are leaving a location then it will just give an alert.

πŸš€ Range

The range of Tile Pro is way higher than Apple AirTag if you don't know the range of Apple AirTag and thats only 30 Feet and the Range of Tile Pro is approx. 400 foot Bluetooth range and thats impressive. If you're out of range then you can see the last location that was registered before (which is recorded on your app), And then you can retrace your steps to find that lost item.

When your lost item is detected by another Tile user when the person is went through that area, the location is passed to your Tile app account and its saved in the location history. And if you live in a urban area and there are high chances that there is a tile owner near the range of your device and if you live in a rural are then i recommend using Apple AirTag.

I hope you got to know about what decision Β to make that what should you buy like you want to buy a Apple AirTag or Tile Mate or a Tile Pro , Just watch some youtube videos and then you are gonna know everything by your eyes and i want to thank you that you read this article.