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Should You Consider Learning Javascript?

Javascript is one of the most famous programming language with a lot of frameworks. Know everything about why you should learn javascript.

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Nerd Clump

Javascript is one of the most famous programming language with a lot of frameworks like Angular.js, Vue js, ROR , Jquery and there are a lot uses of javascript and it helps developers in website development to make the website interactive and beautiful. One of my favorite website is apple and they uses a javascript framework known as SproutCore.

Javascript is abbreviated as JS and its file extension is .js

Javascript Developers are in very high demand and if you're very experienced then you will find very easy to find a job. It has a syntax which includes curly brackets, Dynamic Typing, Object Orientation and other type of different transactions. And Javascript was founded in December 4, 1995

Best 10 Amazing Javascript Libraries
Javascript is the most popular programming language, This post will let you know what are the best javascript libraries that you should try

If you don't know that AirBnB is also built on a javascript library and that's ruby on rails (ROR) and it's a object oriented programming language.

Javascript is a scripting or you can say Programming Language that allows to add complex features on website and it can help you make beautiful graphics 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional and interactive and other things too.

If you don't know HTML5, CSS & Javascript are the backbone of Front End Development and yes it includes Javascript. It's one of the three main Programming Language of the World Wide Web.

And if you think that Javascript is a Object Oriented Programming Language and you're somehow right but Java language is not a Pure OOP Language because it contains Primitive Data Types.

And you'll find Javascript easy if you're known to some programming languages then you'll find Javascript easy because its a beginner friendly. If you want some help from other people who know about javascript or learning it then you learn and get some support from the javascript communities like Stack Overflow or Reddit.

And if you're trying to know that will you find a job when you learn javascript and you're at the right path , you should just start learning javascript because there's a very high global demand for javascript developer and they are paid very well and according to HackerRank that Javascript is the most popular language for which hiring managers are looking  for and its their top priority and there are very high chances that you could get a high paying job in a good company.

You can Download the Report of 2021 of the HackerRank Here

And if you're confused that should i learn plain javascript or a javascript library then you should check out this article by Ramya Shanker

Top 20 Javascript Libraries You Should Know in 2021
Are you looking for the best javascript libraries then this post will give you a complete brief about the libraries.

Lets Just talk about that do you want to work as a web developer and its very much possible that you will encounter Plain Javascript at most of the parts and learning Plan javascript makes you qualified who can work on both backend and front bend and it will also help solve complex problems independently by that you will not feel bad about you that you don't know anything. Solving Complex Problems will help you a lot in this industry.

There are a Lots of sources to learn javascript and you will find it very easy if you can pay for mosh hamedani's javascript course than its good or you can checkout these websites to learn Javascript

  • Skillshare
  • Udacity
  • Youtube

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