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Easy and profitable Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2021

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

In 2021 there are a lot of miners now and the difficulty of mining is increasing and its kinda difficult to make a mining rig profitable , this si a guide about what are the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine in 2021


dogecoin is the new internet sensation and people are buying dogecoin when a tweet was tweeted by the most richest person on this planet literally it was "One Word: Doge". Dogecoin is cryptocurrency which uses the mining algorithm the same as litecoin and that is scrypt.

Mining Reward: 10,000 per block (as of Feb. 2018)


Monero is not that famous in the crypto industry, People who are very knowledgeable only knew that how profitable that monero is. Monero is privacy-focused cryptocurrency it doesn't shows all the transactions publicly and people can hide their identity by doing transaction using monero.

Mining Reward: 1.26 XMR per Block

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is somehow like ethereum , it as Dapps and Smart contract like ethereum and its should not be your first choice to mine, if the price is getting good then you should just try to mine ethereum classic.

Mining Reward: 3.2 ETC per Block


This is also a cryptocurrency which is focused on privacy like monero, this crypto can be mined by gpu and it use, It has some similarities like bitcoin protocol. You can also mine ZCash with GPUs and ASICs but you can't make that much profit from gpu.

Mining Reward: 3.125 ZEC per Block

This is my opinion, its your choice what you want to choice in crypto world you should make your own opinion so that you can't put blame on someone else, that's it you should watch other websites about this topic so that you have some knowledge about mining, Thanks for Reading this Article.