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Keyloggers Explained

Keyloggers record keystrokes and monitors and save everything. Nowadays people use keyloggers for criminal activities.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Note: This article is for educational purposes only, don't try this with anyone and you should not use keyloggers for any bad purpose this can get you into big trouble.

People don't know what keyloggers are and they have never heard this name in their life. Keylogger is one of the tools used by hackers to get the info. By reading this article you will know everything about keyloggers and how you can protect yourself. Educate yourself about internet security.

8 Myths about Privacy on the Internet
We are going to discuss the 8 myths about privacy on the internet. Most of you don’t know that you are not protected on the internet.

What is Keyloggers?

A keylogger is some type of spyware to spy on devices and record every keystroke. There like microorganisms you don't even feel that they are around and don't know that they are watching you.

It is a tool that gives a hacker the power of accessing your keyboard strokes and it's possible that it also records clipboards. means it can know your passwords even your financial information, And people don't even know that their device has a keylogger.

The keylogger will be able to transfer every data if your device has an internet connection. Tools cannot detect a keylogger if it's new.

How do keyloggers fetch your passwords?

Hackers use a lot of ways to fetch your passwords like Phishing scams, Password Spraying, Brute Force, Credential Stuffing, and many more. Most of you are thinking How do keyloggers get installed in our devices?

There are several ways, including these phishing email, Trojan virus, Webpage script, etc

Now we should talk about how they fetch your passwords using keyloggers

How are keyloggers are made?

You should watch a video from channel) about creating a keylogger with python.

How to protect yourself from keyloggers?

Protection against keyloggers covers a fairly standard security spectrum. That is, your online and personal digital security needs this level of protection on a day-to-day basis. There is a lot more than keyloggers out there.

1.Use a Firewall
In most instances, the keylogger has to transmit its information back to the attacker for it to do any harm. The keylogger must send data out from your computer via the internet. As you internet passes through a firewall, there's a chance it will realize something isn't quite right.
2.Use 2Fa for Account Authentication
If you don't know, most of the things nowadays use 2 factor authentication. It means they will ask you the secret code they sent to your phone number. And Google has a app called google authenticator. You can use it with services which has a feature of google authenticator.