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Note: I bought my iPad pro in June 2020 & now its march 2021, its a honest review on iPad pro (2020 version).

I was thinking to buy a iPad from a long time in january of 2020 , and then ipad pro came around and people were uploading review on youtube and i watched about 20-30 videos from different tech youtubers so that i can think ore about buying it or just wait for another iPad model or spend my money or anything else , my main purpose of buying the iPad pro was graphic design and other type of productivity stuff. I bought the 11 inch only wifi version because it was cheaper from the sim card one and i was not in need to add a sim card in iPad and 12.9 inch is kinda bigger then i chose the 11 inch and it was big but now it feels like its small. After using it for months.

iPad Pro has a lot of pros i mean its overall perfect but with some flaws in the product, Lets just talk about Pros of the iPad Pro


Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is amazing it has a whopping refresh rate of 120Hz and i was used to a 60 Hertz(Hz) display and it was a amazing for , it literally feels like butter and it was so smooth it feels so good in my brain and i was not even bored using it and i loved the display so much and i used it for so long and it didn't even hurt my eyes it was wonderful experience with the display.


Multitasking was amazing because of the powerful ram it has and i can keep things in recents for very long time and it didn't even take time to switch between apps and you can you two apps simultaneously without any its possible because of a feature called Split-View.

Loading Speed

The speed of loading apps are great, it takes 2-5 seconds to load games and 0.4 seconds to load youtube, Netflix etc, The loading speed was possible by the ram and the powerful processor A12Z Bionic Chip by Apple, and its the most powerful processor on a tablet.

Gaming Performance

Its a perfect tablet for gaming and you are thinking its perfect at everything but its not , I mostly used to play Fortnite on iPad but now its not available on app store and if you play Fortnite at the highest graphics setting you will get a stable 60 fps and its good enough for a tablet its very good on the highest graphics and on lowest graphics it get 120fps fps and thats also stable obviously.

Image Quality

the image quality was like of iPhone 11 pro and it captures greenery beautifully , i went to a hilly area and it was amazing and pictures were amazing and the focus is amazing and the detailed textures.

Note: the images are compressed because i saved the images on google photos.

taken from ipad pro
taken from ipad pro

LiDAR Scanner

It has a sensor for people who have purpose to measure things for some purpose like if you are engineer or buying furniture and you are checking that the furniture is going to fit or not and this sensor was the first on a iPad pro 2020 version.



if you use the iPad for some months it starts to bend due to forces of your hands and if you are just normally using it , it will start bending slowly and slowly, its not going to bend the whole way , it will bend like 3mm.

Charging Problem

In January 2021, The charging Adapter of the iPad stopped working its expensive for buying one more , now i use my iMac to charge my iPad.

Expensive Accessories

Apple has very expensive accessories for its products, its over priced than the real cost of making it and they don't have gold in them , Apple is very expensive on the basis of accessories and iPhones and iPads are good on what they provide because of the secrity they provide to their users and the ecosystem of the apple devices.