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How to Update PS5 Controller

We're going to talk about Steps to update your PS5 controller(Dual Sense). Follow the steps carefully to update your controller. PS5 is a gaming console.

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Nerd Clump

Sony launched the best console of all time in 2021 and there are only 8 - 9 million people who are able to get to have PlayStation 5 because it's always out of stock. Sony also launched the best console controller with sensors and with a minimal design. The PS5 dual sense controller. And you've noticed that there's an update process of the ps5 controller.

We know every step about how do you update the dual sense controller in just minutes and it's an easy process. We know most of you have pressed "O" on your controller and the promt got away from the screen. Before we have to press "O" because it was the confirmation button but its not the confirmation button anymore now its "X".

Let's start here's how you update the ps5 controller(dual sense) in 2021

How to Update Dual Sense PS5 Controller

  1. First of all, you have to disconnect your dual sense from the internet by going to the network settings for that follow this pattern go to Settings > Network > Settings > turn off "connect to the internet".
  2. Now you have to go to System > Date and Time > Set Date and Time (set the date to the next day).
  3. you've to Turn off PS5
  4. Now you've to plug the type c cable into the dual sense controller.
  5. press on PlayStation button on the controller
  6. Now you will get a message saying "A new version of the wireless controller device software is availible. Your console won't need to restart for this update" and now you have to press the "X" button on the controller.
  7. Now it will start updating(don't turn off your PS5 or unplug the USB cable from the controller while updating).
  8. Now you can change the date and time of your PS5 and turn on the internet connection.

Yeah, it was a basic process and there's no option other than doing this because you have already pressed the "X" on your controller because you thought "X" is the confirmation button. And this leads to not bringing the promot again on the screen.

If any of your friend is having problem like this just share this article with him/her. Have a great day with your PS5.

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