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How to update Java on macOS

Java is a programming language and this guide will show you how you can download it on your mac system step by step.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

This guide is about how you can update your java version on your mac system without any problem and in just 3 minutes.

If some of you are wondering that java automatically updates automatically but its not in the case when someone's computer disabled automatic update for java.

Java is a programming language and its one of the most famous programming language in the market as most of you know and sometimes the java version doesn't get updated right away then you've to just do it manually.

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Java is also used in browsers but its not used in every websites but some websites also use Java Applets then they need Java.

There is only one way to update your Java version on MacOS and its very simple to do

Read the Guide Properly to update your java.

There is one way to update java version Terminal and Java Control Panel

Update your Java on Mac

This guide will help you to update your java using Java Control Panel on mac

Follow the steps carefully to update

Step 1 : Click on  in the menu bar.

Image 1
  • Step 2: Click on System Preferences (by this a window will open).
Image 2
  • Step 3: Find the Java Icon, At most of the time it will be in the last, Then click on the icon.
Image 3
  • Step 4: Click on this window to trigger another window to open(this will open the java control panel as shown in the image 4).
Image 4
  • Step 5: After you've triggered the window to open then there will be an option called "update" in the window as shown in the image 5
Image 5
  • Step 6: If your java is already updated then there will be no update option in the update tab, the screen will like this as shown in the image 6, If your java is not already updated then there will be an update option then you have to just click on the update button.
Image 6

Thanks for Reading about How to Update java in mac

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