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How to unzip Encrypted Zip File on Mac

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Some of the files you download from the internet, its a protected zip file and you don't even know the password and you can't open the zip file, I found about a process to unzip the protected file on Mac.

Now you are thinking that Is It really possible to unzip a protected zip file ? because its encrypted its protected with password to open it with password only, but we can find the password of the encrypted zip file.Lets know

How to Find the password of a password protected Zip file

  1. Go to Terminal
  2. type unzip then drag the the file encrypted file Screen-Shot-2021-03-10-at-9.11.29-PM
  3. Press Enter to execute it, then you'll get this on the screen of the terminal
  4. "Password Extract File:"; is the password

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Is it Really going to work

Yes, its really going to work, try by yourself.