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How to Reverse Image Search in 2021

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump


Reverse Image Search tools are very powerful and it can help you find that the image is copyrighted or you can check that who is the real person who made the picture public on the internet or you want to know that is the image owned by another artist. And it can help people check who is the real artist and know whose artwork is that and where it came from and on what website it was uploaded and what is the name of the artist and reverse image search helps services like Google Adsense to check that the person is not using a copyrighted images. And it also helps that is the image a stock photo and google photo search has not been that good nowadays but the google search engine is better than photo search.  This is a technical guide on how you do reverse image search in minutes and that will help you reverse image search and these steps are specifically on how to reverse image search in 2021.

A Reverse Image Search doesn't reverse your image it helps you search image similar images to it or the same image it will not show you text it will show you gallery of images and it will show the similar images but if you don't know google search is not the best reverse image service in the market.

Which Reverse Image Search is the Best

Google Search doesn't work properly with screenshots or a small part of a picture, but it will work with some of the pictures and it will help you find , but in my opinion TinEye is one of the best in the market if you use small part of picture then you will be able to find the image very easily or if you use a screenshot and TinEye uses image recognition technology and their technology is expert in computer vision,Pattern recognizer,Machine Learning and Neural Networks  image search recognition. Their technology has expertise in computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning.

In This process we are gonna use TinEye because its the best and google image search is not better than anymore and TinEye is the best way to reverse image search because it has the best image recognition technology provider.

Follow the Steps

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Drag the image anywhere it will automatically Search it

These are the only steps that you have to take to reverse image search and thanks for reading this article till now and I have been using from a long time,

TinEye Explained

TinEye is a Canadian Company and it's owned by Idée, Inc., and this company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Now by Using TinEye, you can search images by just adding the images from your device. And you can also upload the image by adding the url of the image. Tineye's bot crawls the Internet and index the images to their website sot that whenever a person searches and find the pictures they were finding and TinEye have indexed over 47.4 Billion Images. And TinEye doesn't save your searches as they say on their website and to make the work easy you can add browser extensions and by clicking right on your mouse you can search the image instantly.

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