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How to Remove Password from PDF on Mac

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Note: In this Post you'll be knowing how to remove password from pdf on Mac but you should know the password of the pdf file for the purpose to remove the encyrption stuff.

The feature to encrypt/protect PDF files is a really really great way to keep our sensitive information safe from people who want to acess our sensitive stuff, This really helps companies to keep their PDFs encrypted from bad people.

Why you do you even need to remove the password of the pdf why can't you have always encrypted for protection from people. Its your choice to encrypt the pdf or unencrypt the pdf.

In this Tutorial for removing Password from PDF on Mac / unencrypting the PDF. In this Step by Step tutorial we have to convert the Encrypted file to a basic file in which we don't have to add password to access the file.

I think you have decided to remove a password from an encrypted PDF file,then you have to just know the password of the Password Protected PDF file. if you don't know the password of the pdf file then don't do hacking if the file is not yours , its illegal to do hacking of anyone's file without their permission. At least you should know the password of the encrypted PDF file. Lets start the Steps

Follow these important Steps to remove password from the pdf file

STEP 1 Locate the Encrypted/Password protected PDF file that you want to unencrypted, Right-Click on the file then hover your mouse cursor to "open with " then click on Preview Applocatopn  

STEP 2 This will be the interface of the preview when opening the encrypted pdf, Fill the password of the encrypted file that you filled before... then press enter to open the file completely.

STEP 3 Once you’ve successfully opened the file,then go to File > Export from menu bar (menu bar is on top right).

STEP 4   Make sure to rename the file name, make sure the Encrypt option is unchecked ❌ . When you’re alright with the name of the file and have      unchecked Encrypt PDF, you can click on the blue Save button by hovering your cursor.

STEP 5 The PDF have been exported as a unencrypted PDF file to a location, now you can send it anywhere you want to and people can acess the file without a password , now its not a password-protected pdf file and you can open the file without a password.


If you’ve ever wanted to remove a password from an encrypted PDF file on mac you’ve made, Now you just learned a new thing and its a pretty simplet stuff to do to remove the password from the pdf file

To perform unencryption of a pdf file you need a password of the file to make it an unencrypted file, Checkout out our other article and share this article with your friends and family members so that they can get this knowledge too and I hope you loved this article and learned something

:) NERD Clump