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How to Make your own Minecraft Server for Free | Play with your Friends Online |

How to Make your own Minecraft Server for Free and play Minecraft java with your friends for free using Aternos. This guide is only for minecraft java.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Minecraft is one of the most played games on the computer and it can be played on a low-end pc. Minecraft Server lets players play online in a world together and have fun.

Nowadays most people are searching about how to make a minecraft server for free and how to play with friends on minecraft java for free. To know how you can make a minecraft server read the article till the end to know everything

Anyone can make their computer work as a Minecraft server by downloading minecraftserver.jar but if your computer is not powerful enough then your Minecraft server will lag.

And I'm going to explain everything about the Minecraft server and how to play for free and play with your friend with no lag while playing. You can play with 8 people with no lag while breaking blocks and placing blocks.

By following this Tutorial you can only play java version of minecraft. We're going to make a minecraft server that is compatible with the java version of Minecraft.

And you can also make moderators on the server too.

We're going to use Aternos Minecraft servers because it's way faster than other servers available.

Aternos also have a paid version on their different website you can check that here And you can check the free version of the Aternos Minecraft server.

Now you're thinking that how do you make a Minecraft server on Aternos for free for minecraft java.

How to Make a Minecraft Server to play with friends for free

Follow the steps to make a minecraft java server

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Play in the right Corner

Step 3: Click on Sign-Up to make an account on

Step 4: Click on Create a Server to continue. Then it will make a server with your username like if I have my username "Minecraft1" then the server's name will be "" .

Step 4: You can change the name of the server address and the subtitle of the server as shown in image 4. And now click on the "+ Create" to continue.

Step 5: Now you've successfully created a Minecraft java server, but to make it running and working follow the steps below.

Step 6: Click on Options

Step 7: Change the Slots to 8 so that the server keep running without lag, 8 slot means that there can be only 8 players in the server.

Step 8: Turn on cracked.

Step 9: Now you can Start your Minecraft Server by clicking "Start" .

Step 10: Click on "Yes,I accept the EULA" to start the server.

Now it will take about 5 - 8 minutes to start the server successfully.

Saving your Minecraft World

Now, most of you're thinking about where will the world going to save its data, so that if the user accesses the same world again with no data lost.

The Backup will be saved in google drive but to do that you have to connect your Google account's google drive to your aternos Minecraft server.

Follow the steps to connect google drive to make backups of your server world.

Go to Backups, Then Click on Connect (as shown in Backup Image 1 )to connect your google drive account and it will ask to allow aternos to access the google drive.

Backup Image 1

Adding Moderators to your Minecraft Server

Moderators make moderation in the server so that no all follow the rules.

Its very easy to add moderators to your aternos minecraft server.

First go to Players, Then Click on OPS, Now you can add the minecraft usernames of the people you want to be moderators.

That was all the steps to make your own minecraft server and play with your friends for free with no subscription. Minecraft is very famous among teenagers and there is no way to play with friends other than making a minecraft server.

Minecraft is a game that can be played on mac too.

Now you know everything about how you can make your minecraft server using aternos.

Then if you could share this article on your social media profiles and share this with your friends too.

Thanks for reading this article about Minecraft tutorial.