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Best Websites for a Kid to learn to code

These websites are the best if your kid want to learn coding and these website will let the kids know how to start coding and what to do. Best Websites to learn coding for kids. Best Website to learn programming for free

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Nerd Clump

As some companies are getting into the business of teaching coding to kids but these companies don't even know that most of the people don't have a budget to buy their services. But some websites are also for kids.

I will mention all the websites that will help your kid to learn to code for free and on these websites, kids can know how to code, what to do, where to code and what they can do by that framework and library.

These are in order and I recommend using the first website if your kid is a newbie and trying to learn to program. Then your kid can try the other websites to make them professional and a good developer.

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Best Websites to learn to code for kids

1. W3Schools

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

If your kid is starting out then let your kid learn html5 first and the kid can learn from w3schools and it's completely free. If you meet any developer then the developer will always recommend w3schools. A lot of people got into a lot of big tech companies who started learning programming from w3schools. W3schools is the best place to learn to program

You can learn HTML and other languages by clicking here.

2. Youtube

Youtube is the best platform for people who want to learn new skills and its the best because there are a lot of great teachers who teach programming like Mosh Hamedani and he makes good courses which are free and they don't go that deep into the topic but it will help your kid to start from basic and learn things.

Learn to Code — For Free is a website that teaches programming to people for free and they have professionals who teach programming to people for free, And you can learn from them from youtube because they have a youtube channel where they teach programming and they also have a website too. As they say

Since 2014, more than 40,000 graduates have gotten jobs at tech companies including: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Spotify etc

4. Hashnode Community

Hashnode: Everything you need to start blogging as a developer!
Hashnode is a free developer blogging platform that allows you to publish articles on your own domain and helps you stay connected with a global developer community.

Hashnode is the best place after your kid is kinda good enough in programming then the kid will become curious and then he will become a better programmer than ever. By reading these articles your kids will be able to learn more skills and by reading these articles they can become a full stack developer. I recommend using this website too and after that, the kids can start using Github.

Your Kids can make an account on hashnode by clicking here

These are the best website where a kid can learn coding for free and these websites are completely free and these things will help your kid to become a good developer and build things and these skills will help the kids in the future a lot.

If your kid doesn't want to pursue this skill then don't force because coding is difficult and it's not for every person in this world, having this skill will be very helpful for your kid a lot and don't think that your kid will have a good future because in this sector there are high chances that there will be very fewer jobs for software engineers. Still, there is high competition for people to get a job in the tech sector as more people get into this profession then some people will find difficulties finding jobs in this field.

I also recommend using kindle because it's cheap than buying physical books. Your kid will be able to find a lot of programming-related books on kindle books.

Thanks for Reading about Best Websites to learn to code for kids.