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Best 10 Amazing Javascript Libraries

Javascript is the most popular programming language, This post will let you know what are the best javascript libraries that you should try

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Javascript is the most popular programming language as of now. And Javascript is also known for its frameworks for web development and app development. Javascript is one of the programming languages that is mostly used because it gives you the power or you can say the ability to make an application with an awesome interface. And the Speed of the Client-side JavaScript is very fast. But you are now thinking what is difference between library and framework.

There are about 1.4 million javascript libraries.

Difference Between Javascript Libraries and Javascript Frameworks

We mentioned what are javascript libraries and what are javascript frameworks. Now Scroll down and know what are Libraries and Frameworks.

What are Javascript Libraries

These Javascript Libraries consist of functions by which an application or website perform a piece of work. Like if you're making a functional website like the website calculates your mortgage then the javascript libraries help in these tasks. This was just beginner level we will try to write more article in future for you about Javascript Libraries.

What are Javascript Frameworks

These are just pre-written javascript libraries but these frameworks have features which makes the work of a programmer easier like if the person is using vue.js then the person has the power to develop a single page application with beautiful user interface  These Frameworks are made by professional programmers to help other programmers develop things without any problem and by easy way.

You can install Vue.js by using shell in terminal

npm install vue

What are The Best 10 Amazing Javascript Libraries

These are the best 10 javascript that you should try if you're a javascript programmer.


React is a library(used for front-end) which gives you the power to develop user interfaces with the help of their UI kit. And its also used by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, Netflix and more services too.

Download react.js using NPM

npm install react


Handlebars.js is an open source extension to a templating language Mustache. And this website also uses handlebars. And Most of the famous websites also use HBS in their UI .

Download handlebars.js using NPM

npm install handlebars


Hammer.js is a library and gives you the ability to add touch gestures on websites. It means it can recognize & track gestures performed by fingers and mouse of the user and make animations and all that cool stuff. And you can know the steps on their website here.

Download Hammer.js using NPM

npm install hammerjs


Redux.js is an open-source library and its commonly used for developing user interface and its Mostly used with React.js and Angular for building the interfaces.

Download Redux.js using NPM

npm install @reduxjs/toolkit


Twitter typeahead.js is a flexible JavaScript library that provides a solid foundation for building solid typeaheads. Typeahead provides a prediction when a user types in a search bar.

Download Twitter typeahead.js using NPM

npm install typeahead


Chart.js is an open-source javascript library and it gives you the ability to make beautiful responsive charts and they have 8 different type of charts and it works HTML5. Check the Chart.js here

Download Chart.js using NPM

npm install chart.js


Babylon.js is a library(used for front-end) which gives you the power to make 3d graphics and it really helps rendering the 3d graphics with HTML5 in a normal browser which has javascript enabled.

Download Babylon.js using NPM

npm install babylonjs


Discord.js is a library developed by Discord to interact with discord software and make bots and do other cool stuff with the Discord's API, And It is way more object oriented programming language then most of the libraries. And you can also build a discord bot with node.js and host it in the cloud for no cost from your side, for that You can watch this youtube tutorial.

Download Discord.js using NPM

 # NPM
 npm install discord.js


Scrollmagic.js is a javascript library and it give you the ability to make animations while the user scrolls the website. And apple's website also uses these type of scrolling animations. Scrollmagic is a newer version of superscrollorama.

Download Scrollmagic.js using NPM

npm install scrollmagic
NPM for Scrollmagic


Three.js is a javascript library display and it give you the ability to make animated 3 Dimensional  graphics and render in a web browser which supports WebGL. You can develop a lot of 3d websites with great user experience, I found a website where Three.js is used in a great way click here to see.

Download Three.js using NPM

npm install three

Thanks for Reading this article about javascript libraries.