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Are iPhones more Secure than Android Phones?

is iPhone secure than Android, iPhones do tend to pose more secure than Android phones, These are the reasons why iPhones are more secure than Android phones.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Everything isn't perfect in the world, but yes iPhones do tend to pose more secure than Android phones. As i always say that apple have been very concern with their user's privacy I will list down the reasons below.

Ways iPhones are more Secure than Android Phones

iOS is one of the most restricted phone operating system in the world and as of now most of the people use android because android phones are mostly cheap and all people can't afford a iPhone and one of the main positive part of a iOS operating system is that there are very less chances to get a virus because iOS doesn't allow you to download apps outside from the apple app store and thats a great part but apple app store has one of the hardest policies and if you are developer and publishing a app on app store then its high chances that your app could get rejected.

If your app takes access to things other than whats should be used while using the app then there's 100% chances that your app could get rejected. In Android you can download any apps outside of the google play store and you can the applications from the internet and android uses .apk as their application extension and iOS uses .dmg extension for their applications.

I will explain more about why iPhones are more Secure than Android Phones.

Why would someone downloads application from the internet/google and there are 2 reasons.

  1. Piracy: if someone doesn't want to pay for an app or doesn't have money then what would that person will do its as expected he will get the app from the internet if he uses android
  2. Not on the Play Store : this is one of the reason why someone will download application from the internet, what if the app is banned in the country then the person will download it from the internet or the app is not available on the play store yet.

These are one of the reasons why would someone downloads application from the internet/google.

If you are a developer, On Android  there are high chances to get your paid app pirated and downloaded for free from the internet and this piracy of this app will hurt you too much your hard work will be just a .apk file.

Downloading a application from the internet is very dangerous and these applications might contain malicious code and that can transfer your handset's remotely to the person who made the paid app to free app and available to you, And these malicious code can result in privacy invasion of the person and thats one of the reason why iPhones are more secure than android.

Paying for a app is rather better than getting a virus in your handset and a virus can get you more loss than the price of the app.

Suppose that the person who made the app available for you can access your android phone and make changes and transfer money from your account and do anything possible, he can make calls and if its serious then the person can just push you into a crime , just think it.

He can simply boot into the recovery mode of your phone which is very simple(by turning off the phone and after that pressing the vol up + power button simultaneously) and voila once you have booted up into the recovery mode he can reset your phone and use your phone. Now you might say that Google asks for the previously signed in email address with a password if one reset the phone from the recovery mode, well the in that case he can simply flash the firmware of the phone for the tools, and the firmware to flash are easily available on the internet and this whole process just takes an hour or so.

I would like to suggest that do not download any outside of the google play store

So I would like you to suggest that do not download any apps outside of the play store, instead  pay and support the developers who work as hard as they can to make your user experience better.
And you've to allow the permissions on any app after downloading it carefully when it asks for it. (for. eg: if an app asks for your camera permission and then if its a camera app then you've to allow it , if its a notes app don't allow just deny, Lets take another example like if you download a calculator app then it asks for your photos then you have to just deny it because its not necessary and thats obvious that why a calculator will need access to your photos.)
Android is an open-source operating system hence it allows users to install apps from unknown sources other than google play store, but if you do so Android/Google won't be responsible for your loss.

Google won't be responsible for your loss because google is a search engine its responsibility is just to index the pages on the surface web and they will not detect that the file contains malicious code and viruses.

Some Features that makes iPhone more Secure than Android

I would say that iPhone are more secure than android devices. It doesn't implies that android devices aren't safe but these are some features that makes iPhone better:

  1. There is no such thing as File Explorer in iPhone. It implies that you can't access any file on your device memory directly unless you have an app to open it e.g., a video file needs a video player or a pdf needs iBooks or another pdf reader to open it.
  2. iPhone restricts the app data to apps only i.e., if I download a video from some app then that video won't be shown in Photos App (Unless you choose to save it).
  3. It's almost impossible (for a normal person or an amateur hacker) to crack past the security passcode or Touch ID. Impossible here means it's very very difficult.
  4. There is no external memory card slot therefore you might take it as a disadvantage but it makes iPhone more secure by eliminating the possibility of the iPhone getting infected by some malicious file or s/w from an unknown source.
  5. You can't access anything (except your Photo Gallery) on your iPhone's memory by connecting it to the computer without the iTunes s/w (again excluding jailbreaking and developer mode activated iPhones). Even the photos folder shown to you is write-protected.
  6. You can't connect to another device via Bluetooth except for an iPhone or iPad or MacBook or any other Apple device. It doesn't mean you can't connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones, here another device refers to another computing device.
  7. You can control each and every access permission individually requested by the apps (this feature is made available in Android from version 6.0 marshmallow).
  8. iPhone's remote wipe feature wipes the whole data on the iPhone but in case you remotely wipe an Android device only its phone memory is wiped, SD card contents remain intact.
  9. iPhone's App Store requires a Touch ID or password every time you try to download an app unless you have downloaded it before, but in Android, you can do it by signing in with your google account to Play Store for the first time only.

These are the features that I could think of right now but I'm sure there would be more Features about why iPhones are way better than Android. I do have a android but i make sure that i don't download a virus and you should try to not download a virus and i know some of you can't afford the iPhone but you could a lot of amazing things on your android and its more customizable and i am not biased and apple is not the best company there are a lot of bad things about apple.

The fight of Android Vs iPhone never against between friends just like Mac vs Windows and i think we should just stick to one thought that iPhones are still better in some ways, Thanks fo Reading this Article and i am grateful that you read the whole article.

iPhone is more secure than android