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Most of you don't know what is AMP and how does it work and how to install the feature on your website. You can know about AMP here.

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By Nerd Clump

Some of you are web developers and bloggers. You have noticed something on the web or want to add an AMP feature on your website so that it can fix slow loading on phones. And don't compare AMP with Ampere because Ampere is different.

Note: AMP only works on the phone

What is AMP?

AMP is the abbreviation for "Accelerated Mobile Pages". AMP is a web component framework developed by Google. And it's used for loading web pages fast but it's mostly used for articles/posts as we have experienced on the internet, You can check how an AMP page looks like here.

How Does AMP Work?

AMP has a big Component Catalogue that helps articles/posts to load faster than ever. You can check out AMP Component Catalogue.

Note: AMP only works with static websites.

Let's start with How does AMP Work on websites?

AMP is just a helper that wants to ensure that the content of the website rendered as quickly as possible for that AMP uses its components to layouts the content of the website. The loading speed of a website is determined by the file size of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Not including other things like images, etc. AMP renders an alternate page with the reduced file size of the static website. You can see the amp version of any article by adding "amp/" after '/' in the URL.


Normal Page: How to Choose the Right Monitor - Normal Page.

Accelerated Mobile Page: How to Choose the Right Monitor - AMP.

AMP is a very famous web component that creates user-friendly interfaces on phones, AMP uses a simple web components framework. Most CMS have AMP integrated so that the sites get these features. And AMP is the best solution to amplify a site.

How to install AMP on WordPress?

Now you know everything about AMP that you should know, Now you are going to learn how to install the AMP feature on your WordPress, if your cms don't support amp then you should switch to Siteground Web Hosting(Best CMS for WordPress Hosting) this will get you a lot of features and more customization. I really recommend using Siteground for WordPress hosting they provide 100% Uptime for the website. You can get the Hosting here.

Now let's start with the process of how to install AMP on WordPress.

Step 1: Go here to download AMP, It will download a file.

Step 2: You've to go to plugins in your WordPress dashboard, then you have to upload the plugin, and to set up the  AMP you can check out this article here.

And you should check out Siteground if you want to start a WordPress website in the easiest way. Thanks for reading this article and you can share this article with your friends. And share this on your social media.

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