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9 Amazing Facts About iPhones

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

iPhones are one of the best inventions in this universe and it's my opinion and the first iPhone was invented by a great person and great industrial designer that's why the design of Apple products is the best in the world. These iPhones are the phones which are used by celebs and rich people. As I always apple is very concerned with their user’s privacy.

Want to Know know why apple is concerned with their user’s privacy, Read this Article about why Are iPhones more Secure than Android Phones ? and if you think that this is only with iPhone but you are wrong, Mac computers are secure too read the Article about Why MacOS has better Security Features.

The first iPhone was one of the best smartphones at the time of the launch it has one of the sleekest design and one of the best technology at that time of the launch, And iPhone started a trend and now about 85% of the US population use some type of iPhone on a daily basis and now and still they don’t sell their user’s data. Apple iPhone is also known for its cameras and Apple is the company that is the best in design and they put their work in from their product to their stores.

Steve Jobs used to say “ Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works “ and “ We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them. “. And he was right about the design and i have apple products and the user interface of their products are so minimal and i really love to use their devices and the refresh rate of their display, And I can use an iPhone for hours with it really makes my eyes feel amazing.

9 Amazing Facts About iPhones

We have mentioned 9 amazing facts about apple iPhones, You are going to know everything about the amazing facts about iPhone. I think we should start from here Lets Start

  1. Most Loyal Fans: Apple has the most loyal fans in the world. and There are a lot of that's why there are people who hate people who think android phones are better than iPhones. And most of you have a friend who is just apple, apple and apple is the best in the world.
  2. First American Trillion-Dollar Company: iPhones are one of the products of apple that made the most contribution in making apple the first us company to hit the 1 trillion dollar mark.
  3. First Face Recognition Technology: Most of the companies copied this technology, iPhone was the first phone with facial recognition technology and it was first included in iPhone X in 2017.
  4. 9:41: Most of the people doesn't know, On every picture or advertisement of iPhone, the time will be 9:41 because it was the time when Steve Jobs released the first iPhone and the local time was 9:42.
  5. First App Store: Apple App Store is the first app store for downloading applications legally and it was new for people.
  6. Most Used Phone in US: iPhone is the phone which is used the most in the us and most of the people use iphone 6, 6s, 7. About 85% of people use iPhones in the America.
  7. iOS: iOS is the operating system which is way safer than android and iOS is the best operating system and with the best design.
  8. Hardware & Design: Hardware is the best in iPhones and by research of years your iPhones can work for years and the durability is very good of these iPhones. Design is the best in all the products.
  9. (i) phone: In iPhones, i has a meaning its internet, individual, instruct, inform and inspire.

Thats it, Some of the facts are available on the internet but some are unique

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