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8 Myths about Privacy on the Internet

We are going to discuss the 8 myths about privacy on the internet. Most of you don't know that you are not protected on the internet.

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Today we're going to talk about myths about privacy on the internet. Privacy is a human right. People from all over the world thinking that privacy is not a myth on the internet. There's a lot of myths about other things but there are very few articles about privacy, We took about 6 hours to research these myths.

If we don't care about privacy on our devices it can cause a big problem in your workflow, On the internet, there is a high chance that your account gets hacked or your credit card information is leaked. An analysis email analysis reveals that 1 out of 100 emails is a phishing scam.

If you ever got a screen like saying "your computer has a deadly virus contact this person by this phone number to remove it" and if you call that person that person will take about $100 from you to remove the virus. But in the first place, you didn't have the virus. And Note that a browser can't identify that you have a virus or malware and if you are using windows then it has a windows defender which protects your device from the common viruses. Windows Defender can't identify every virus what it does it work.

If your browser uses javascript then there are high chances to get infected with an exploit. And We don't recommend blocking javascript in your browser then a lot of services will stop working like your email services will not work without javascript. But there are a lot of plus points like

your webcam and microphone will not get hacked Because Webrtc will get blocked. Webrtc(Web Real-Time Communication) is an open-source feature in the web 2.0 browser and it enables real-time communication of audio, video, and files.

And you are not going to see any type of advertisements from any ad networks.

How to Spot Any Spoofed & Fake Email and protect yourself from Email Scams

There are a lot of email phishing scams and people are becoming victims of email scams check out this video from ThioJoe about How to Spot Any Spoofed & Fake Email. And this video will help you how to spot email scams and how to check that the email is from the right company or not.

We think we should now talk about the 8 myths about internet privacy :)

Google doesn't sell your information

iphone, ios, home screen, close up, pixels, retina, smartphone, icon, ios 14, icon, screen, phone, google
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

As Google says in their privacy policy that they use user's personal information to show the user's relevant advertisements. And it's impossible to believe that they don't share the data of some users, They have billions of users. Why will they even care about the privacy of some 2 - 3 million users. It's hard to believe they do not sell some of the user's data.

Did you know Google's email service Gmail also collects large amounts of user data too?

Do you know Gmail also shows you a lot of advertisements? Gmail is the most popular email service, with 1.5 billion active users. The information which was collected by Gmail is shared with the advertisers.

Google also says that they do not track your emails related to flight bookings, any type of purchases, and other emails also.

Just to be clear proton mail is the best email servicing and the safest email service in the market. The Founder and CEO of Proton Mail Andy Yen say: “It remains a fact that Google keeps a record of these events and logs them regardless.”

We recommend using Proton Mail and it has a free plan too, but We recommend using the paid version and it really supports proton mail and that's how this secure email service will survive with your subscription money. You can use our link to buy the proton mail subscription.

Free VPNs keep you safe

iPhone with VPN service enabled in hand
Photo by Privecstasy / Unsplash

No, Free VPNs doesn't keep you that safe, Just suppose that you are the owner of that VPN service and you pay for the server and that's obvious that you will not earn money from your VPN service but to earn money you would sell the information of your users to earn money. Just keep in your mind that if any service is free then you are giving them something from your side too to cover their costs. You pay them in the way of personal information.

You can know more about what is the difference between a free VPN and a paid VPN from geospatialworld.

If you find any free software then there's a problem with personal privacy.

Government can't track you if your mobile phone is off

Remember remember.
Photo by Tarik Hagia / Unsplash

Government can't track your mobile phone even if it's off and that's completely wrong, But NSA(National Security Agency) can track your mobile phone, According to a report from Washington Post about NSA.

The report explains that the NSA has been using the technique known as “The Find”, for a very long time about September 2004. But it's used for good things like for reducing terrorism in this world. It really helped identify “thousands of new targets, including members of a burgeoning al-Qaeda-sponsored insurgency in Iraq,” said by special operation officer who was interviewed by Washington Post.

Hackers can know your information in seconds

Someone programming a website in HTML. But also a photo suitable for hackers. ;)
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

Yes, it's possible if the hacker hacks into your device physically but hackers take a lot of time to know your information remotely. And there are few to no chances to be targeted individually by a hacker. Mostly rich people and big companies get hacked by hackers.

Hackers can only hack you if you click on their .exe files or visit their website mistakenly there are only two most effective ways to hack someone, Infecting their devices or make them visit any website to get information out of their devices. Visiting websites can allow hackers to share files that can divulge your secure data. We recommend it's always good to avoid websites that you have not heard of or not familiar with.

incognito mode is very safe

Most of you use incognito mode for some reasons but some of you think that incognito mode is safe and it protects you from hackers, Lets me explain what does an incognito mode do, It doesn't save your browsing history and cookies, Suppose that you have opened an incognito tab and login on any website and then close the tab and this means that you have to login again on that website.

While using the incognito feature your ISP(internet service provider), Employer/school can know what websites you are visiting and on what websites you are spending your most time.

But if you don't want any of the people to know what you are doing on the internet or what websites you are visiting and others but you need a secure VPN and We don't recommend using any free VPN because there are high chances that the VPN owner sells your information to other companies. We recommend using Nord VPN.

You can use my link to get 73% off + 4 Months free on any subscription click here to get this offer.

public Wi-Fis are very helpful

Bold Bean Mornings
Photo by Wade Austin Ellis / Unsplash

We recommend not to use public Wi-Fi because even if it has a password or not, Mostly the wifi with no password is bad for any person. because free wifi gives the hacker ability to share malware across the network that's why there are a lot of wifi security features. These malwares are distributed because file sharing over the network is enabled. The hacker can easily infect your computer with a virus that can take all of your data. Again you should use Nord VPN while using any public Wi-Fi.

If I turn off GPS, Government can't know my location

Photo by Brecht Denil / Unsplash

Just to be clear If you use the internet then if anybody is skilled enough then the person can know your location using your IP address, We know most of you know but some of them are not aware of IP Addresses.

Again you can use Nord VPN to protect yourself on the internet, it makes the person think that you are in a country that you have connected to in Nord VPN. Suppose that if you are in Canada and you connect to Germany in Nord VPN then if someone knows your IP address they will see the IP Address of Germany.

Ads are just normal text + image blocks

Photo by Kaspersky/How Internet ads work

Advertisements are some of the worst things on this internet and these ads track you all the way on the internet using cookies to show you the relevant advertisement to make you spend money as much as you can. Most ads are shown by Google. And affiliate banners are different they don't track you on the internet. These advertisements also make websites load very slow. You can use an Ad blocker to block advertisement scripts.

We also don't use advertisements on our website because it destroys user experience but we use affiliate links until we start generating some revenue from other sources. If you want to support our website then you can support us on Ko-Fi. and this really helps us cover hosting costs and others.

If you love our content then you can donate us below and it really helps.

Thanks for reading and I recommend sharing this article with your friends and family members to make them aware of the privacy on the internet.

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