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7 Apps that every Student Must Have

Nerd Clump
Nerd Clump

Planning your things is very difficult nowadays and if you are student then you have to do a lot of things. In this Article We have collected the best 7 apps that every student have


Grammarly is a software which uses complex algorithms to analyze your text and check that its grammar is correct and if you do your job and you need to write emails and make presentations or you are a student and needs to do other things then this software is for you and it makes your work easy and it has a free version but it doesn't include that much fixes in your text.


Kindle has been in the market from a long time and some people don't use it and says that a physical book is better than a digital book, if you don't know kindle books are very cheap and by using kindle it saves our planet because books are made with paper and paper is made with trees. If you are student then i recommend you using kindle. And the pricing is cheap as $9.99/Month


Evernote is a software by which you can organize your stuff and make notes and organize and it will sync all the notes with your devices and it has a free plan and a paid plan and You can also use free plan if you only want to have text in your notes. And the Alternate of Evernote is Apple Notes but its only on Apple Products.


Discord is a software by which people can collaborate and have a server and transfer files between your friends and have a talk in voice with all your friends at the same time with the best quality  and you can also video call all your friends at the same time with the highest quality.


Skillshare is a website where people can learn new skills and Skillshare is the best place to learn anything from graphic design to programming and you can also have a free trial on it and Skillshare has a lot of courses and you don't have to pay for each course you have to just pay per month for all the courses.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a service by Google where people can save their files and share the file link to people they want to and google drive gives you 16gb free storage if you want more storage you can buy the storage as a subscription. If you don't trust google then you can use dropbox


Canva is a place where you can make logos, presentations, flyers, magazines, resumes etc. Canva have a lot of elements by which you can make your presentations more beautiful and Canva has one of the best templates in the market and your designs will be saved everytime you make changes and it has a free plan and a paid plans. Paid plans gets you all the elements and all the premium templates.

And This is the list of the best apps that you should have if you are student . Thanks for Reading if you loved this article you can support me on patreon for extra content.

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